Blair Banning - Drums

Blair was born and raised in Decator, Illinois. At a very early age, he discovered he liked to pound on things. As time went on he purchased a drum set and began to apply that same energy to songs while listeningto the radio. After taking lessons for a brief time, he applied the skills he learned to the point where he joined his first band. 

He played in several bands covering many different genres of music; Country, Rock, Blues and R&B.  Blair realized that if he wanted to take his love of music to the next level he would need to move to a place where the music scene offered more opportunities. So he relocated to Southern California.  Since arriving in the golden state he has played in several different cover bands, but as time has rolled along he decided to take on a real challenge. Playing the music of Lynyrd Skynyrd and making it sound like the original band is no easy task. Artimus Pyle and Bob Burns were very talented drummers in their day. But like all of his challenges, he has taken his part seriously and carried on the mantle of the music of what many would consider the greatest Southern rock band of all time.